Data Collection

The Compuspec DL3 data logger is designed to capture serial data from a PABX and store the information in non-volatile memory for transmission to a central system at a later time.

Data Transmission

The DL3 uses the internet as the transmission path for communications with a central system. The DL3 connects to a local ISP with an internal PCMCIA modem, then using a proprietary protocol it contacts the central system and transfers its data.

Transmission Security

Security protocols are in place between the DL3 and the central system. This removes the possibility of the DL3 sending its data to a spoofed site as well as stopping the host from receiving information from a non-registered source. These measures are necessary in the public environment of the internet to stop any accidental and/or intentional monitoring of data.


The firmware of the DL3 can be updated either locally using the command port or remotely during a session with the central system. Only a fully verified update will cause the DL3 to reprogram its processor firmware.


  • Two independant serial ports
  • Command port
  • Compact flash memory
  • Secure transmission
  • Remotely configurable
  • Backup battery
  • Software alarm triggers
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Online call detail presentation
  • Enhanced call analysis
  • Low cost data transmission