Light Source

Configuration:   200 LEDs (1.5m) or 160 LEDs (1.2m)
Light Output:   3,400 lm nominal
LED Current:   53mA nominal
Overall LED Power:   0.15W per LED nominal
Colour Temperature:   Nominal 4000K or 5000K to customer spec
Colour Rendering Index:   80 CRI suitable for retail use
Dimming:   Analogue and PWM (0-100%)

Power Supply

Input Voltage:   24V nominal 50/60Hz
Power Factor:   >90% (~95% typical)
THD(i):   <20% (~16% typical)
Power Supply Efficiency:   ~90%
Reliability:   > 50,000 hours
Input Connector:   AS/NZS moulded plug -40°C rated cable


Surge Protection:   45V Varistor 1.2kA 28J & internally fused
Over Current Protection:   Resettable Circuit Breaker
Ambient Temp:   -40°C (min) to 60°C (max)
Operating Temp:   31°C nominal at 25°C ambient
Fixture Efficacy:   107 lm/W Typical


Material:   Aluminium
Size:   1506mm x 112mm x 58mm