The MERI LED Aisle light is specifically designed to provide highly efficient and extremely reliable intelligent lighting for supermarkets and retail applications.

The fixture is provided in differing lengths (typically 1.5m & 1.2m) that mount end to end to provide a continuous strip of lighting throughout the aisle. Different lens options are available to suit different lighting requirements. Power and control signals are provided via a connector at one end of the module, and pass out the far end of the module, therefore requiring no external wiring. The modules are simply bolted end on end.

The modules are powered by an external high efficiency, double insulated, thermally protected waterproof toroidal transformer providing a 200VA 24VAC supply, that may be used to power up to 6 modules. This SELV (safe low voltage) output in turn drives the Class III electronics within the modules.


Not only are there no dangerous voltages present, there is also no glass nor mercury within the units and the aluminium used in the construction is fully recyclable.

The modules are typically preset to run at a maximum power level of 32W per 1.5m length and at this level run at only 6°C above ambient temperature making them an exceptionally safe lighting solution. (The transformer will run at about 51°C surface temperature when driving 6 modules set to run at full power).

Wide Operating Temperature:

The lights may be operated down to -40°C and up to +60°C ambient conditions. The top surface is designed to prevent trapped dust and dirt.

A sliding mount is provided that may be positioned anywhere down the length of the module. It is retained by a 6mm eye-bolt or 6mm grub screw which in turn threads into an adjustable aircraft wire hanger clamp. The module is symmetrically balanced.

Reliable & Efficient:

The MERI Aisle Light uses a version of Compuspec's industrial LED power supply, specifically designed for driving industrial LED modules. These are designed for very long life (>20 yrs) and combine high reliability with high efficiency, component redundancy, power factor & distortion control, over voltage and surge protection and isolated dimming.

Within each module is an independent driver that consists of ultra high efficiency synchronous rectifiers (minimising heat and power loss) along with very high efficiency switched mode converters (97%). This design is unique in not requiring electrolytic capacitors (which age and fail), thereby supporting the exceptional operating life of the leds.

The lights may be infinitely dimmed from fully on to fully off using a Dimming Controller module that mounts to the end of a strip of modules. With the lights set to their lowest visible output level (suitable for store security) they draw a little under 1W each. On standby they draw about 0.5W each.

Further, the switching supplies use a unique control algorithm (patent pending) that provides spread spectrum switching frequencies (to substantially reduce radiated RF emissions) while featuring very high power factor and low input current distortion.


Within the MERI Dimming Controller is an international standard micro power 2.4GHz radio transceiver that operates in a mesh network with adjacent controllers and provides a very intuitive but extremely powerful means of controlling light intensity, based upon various system parameters. This system operates completely invisibly to existing WiFi networks in the area, but occupies a similar license free spectrum. The lights are infinitely dimmable from 0-100% with the power input being almost completely proportional to the dim level, meaning substantial power savings can be made by individually tuning each light fixture to suit its installed position.

Each controller can optionally measure ambient light levels and operating temperatures to report back to a system controller as part of a larger building or process management system.

Due to the approximate 107 lumen per watt output of the fixture, light output can be approximated by simply multiplying the input wattage by 107. Thus at 32W, the fixture will output approximately 3,400 lumens.


  • Supermarket Aisle lighting
  • School and Bench lighting