The luminaires may be suspended, mounted directly to a ceiling (flush) or mounted to an adjustable wall bracket that allows rotation.

The Hyperion may be hung from the 6mm mounting holes in the end caps (using chain, aircraft wire or wire hangers), bolted to brackets from the end caps, or mounted from an adjustable mounting bracket (optional).

The weight of the fixture is 8.0kg.

The luminaire should be mounted a minimum of 10mm below the mounting surface to maintain adequate ventilation around the fitting. 

Below are some of the mounting options available:

Wall Mount Bracket:

The fixture may be mounted from an angle bracket on a wall or ceiling, enabling adjustment in 5 degree increments. Wall mounting holes can accept 10mm bolts at 170mm centres.

Wire Hanger

A standard flush mount end plate can support a wire hanger to enable suspension from aircraft wire. The fixture is evenly balanced.

Suspended Mounting

The preferred mounting arrangement for suspended applications is to use the “A-Frame” end plate that allows attachment via a simple spring clip. (This picture showing the PIR sensor and optional temperature sensor probe fitted.)

Flush Mount

Flush Mount Brackets are available to simplify mounting to cool store ceilings.

Custom mounting plates and brackets can also be provided when a standard mounting kit does not suit your requirments.