The Hyperion series LED fixture is a fully autonomous intelligent luminaire designed for industrial lighting applications. It is optimised to deliver the best light levels with the least power consumption while maintaining the greatest reliability.

Massive Power Savings

Typically this enables energy reductions of more than 85% while offering a substantial improvement in working light levels.

A single Hyperion LED light fitting running at something less than 120W will typically replace an existing 438W Metal Halide fixture.

The savings are achieved through advanced LED lighting design, integrated adaptive intelligence and special optical solutions.

The construction of the Hyperion allows eight different lens options to suit different mounting heights and photometric requirements enabling the fixture to "put the light where it is needed".

Distributed Intelligence

At the heart of the Hyperion fitting is Compuspec’s intelligent LED driver technology. Designed for exceptional lifetime, the driver technology offers very high efficiency, excellent power factor and minimal distortion - all maintained throughout the full dimming range.

Each fitting is fully autonomous. It doesn’t rely on any other fitting or equipment to operate. However, it automatically interacts with other fittings within the site to control the required lighting levels by monitoring local ambient light, local temperatures and task specific lighting requests.

The fixture powers up in a default failsafe “dumb” mode and may operate continually in this mode if necessary.

When it detects network activity, the fitting will switch to adaptive mode and light levels will be automatically adjusted based upon activity within, and status of, the local environment.

Long Life

In order to achieve the extreme lifetimes demanded by industrial applications, the Hyperion dispenses with the usual switched mode power supply technology (with its associated reliability problems around electrolytic capacitors) and instead uses an aerospace derived solution using an integrated high efficiency toroidal transformer. This technique extends the design life of the power supply by a factor of 10 over the usual consumer technologies.

The housing is full corrosion resistant, being made form aluminium, and has a design life of 20 years.


Each light fitting can have built in options including a PIR (Passive Infra Red) sensor, ambient light sensor, environmental temperature sensor, fixture temperature sensor and microwave motion sensor.

The integrated PIR sensors detect general activity and communicate with adjacent fixtures to pre-empt motion and illuminate the general area. However they cannot deliver the full potential of savings which are possible with external transponders.

The system requires no master controller, as each light fitting is fully autonomous.

Main Applications

  • Warehouse
  • Distribution Centres
  • Cool Store
  • Industrial Lighting