CPU Speed   Pentium™ III 450MHz or above
RAM   128MB or above
Hard Disk Space (System)   45MB
Hard Disk Space (Data)   1-10 GB (dependent on population size)
Interface   1 PCI Slot per ISDN card or
1 Com port per DIU (Multi-port serial card can be used)
Supported ISDN Interface   Basic rate - Dialogic BRI/2VFD (2x Basic rate / 4ch) Primary Rate - Dialogic DTI/SC Series
   DTI/300SC (30 channels, E-1 interface)
   DTI/600SC (60 channels, Dual E-1 interface)
   DTI/240SC (24 channels, T-1 interface)
   DTI/480SC (48 channels, Dual T-1 interface)
Supported PSTN Interface   Compuspec DIU (Dialler Interface Unit)
Data Backup Facility   ZIP or CDR/R Disk Drive (recommended)
Power Management   UPS (min 10min) with software shutdown (recommended)
Operating System   MS NT Workstation 4.0 with Service Pack 6 or higher
Database Server   Interbase 6.0 SQL Server (bundled with software)
Remote Software   Symantec PC Anywhere 9.0