Customer Usage Reporting

Get real time reporting on what customers are using what services. Use this information to manage churn or roll out new service trials.

Group or Individual Configuration

Configuration of units can be done individually to manage specific customers, as groups to manage multi site customers, or as entire populations.

Default or Pre-Connect Configuration

Upon installation, units will receive a default configuration to ensure immediate service provisioning. It is also possible to pre configure services for each unit prior to installation.

Self Serve Customer Configuration

By using the integrated web interface, customers can control and choose their own services as desired, relieving customer service staff of the workload.

Suitable for Retail Products

Products distributed into the retail environment can be managed using the retail function with post installation provisioning.

Runs on Standard Hardware

Requires standard PC type hardware, keeping startup costs and maintenance low.

Minimised Network Costs

Using either digital or analogue methods of communication, the time of each management call is kept to a minimum. If no update is required, no cost is incurred.

Fully Scalable

Using a client server type of configuration, the management system is infinitely expandable and fully scalable.

Integration into CRM Systems

Get one point of contact by integrating reporting and configuration data into your CRM application. Marketing can target specific customer segments with specific services. Customer service representatives will have all the information they need in one place.

Online Web Reporting

An extensive number of reports are available online. These reports include reporting on customer trends, service uptake, potentially churning customers, return on investment per customer or segment, and amount of revenue generated per time period or customer segment.