Manage Regulatory Changes

Occasionally, changes are forced by third parties like governments or regulatory bodies. These changes can include such things as changes in regional numbering or changes to regulations regarding offering alternative services. A managed population can easily deal with these changes and remotely update all units on demand. The alternative would be to send someone to reprogram each unit. Not much of an alternative.

Change Routing Partners

By managing the population, you have complete and instant control over your routing patterns. Change routing partners or service providers any time you want.

Change Services on Demand

Where you are offering specialised services to customers, you can manage these services and their delivery to the customer.

Upgrade Software

Any new software can be remotely downloaded and updated.

Monitor Customer Usage

With a managed population, you can monitor and manage your customer's usage long before you get your billing feed. Find out who is using what services and what services are popular.

Serve Information to Customers

By managing a population of service portals, you can serve information straight to your customers from the management platform.

Manage External Assets

By managing your population of units, you are keeping an up to date record of the location of all equipment.

Anticipate Customer Behaviour

By getting information about your customers from the managed system, it is possible to analyse trends and anticipate customer movement. Conduct real live market research and pre release testing just by collecting the statistics.