Power house

The DMP (Dialler Management Platform) is the powerhouse behind almost every Compuspec Solution. It provides the functionality, flexibility and control needed to implement and maintain a telecoms services solution.

Strong platform

The DMP is built on an industry standard SQL database platform. This allows high levels of security to be integrated into the system while still maintaining a high level of flexibility. Because it is an industry standard, integration into other systems, such as reporting or CRM systems, is fast and simple.

Useful reporting

A important function of the DMP component of a solution is the timely and accurate reporting that it provides regarding the desires, requirements and habits of a customer base.

Responsive control

Control never seems so important as when it is lost. Similarly, control of a population of intelligent hardware distributed around the country, should not be taken lightly. The DMP puts the control of the entire population of intelligent diallers, data loggers, and service portals entirely at your fingertips, and keeps it there.

Why manage?

  • Manage Regulatory Changes
  • Change Routing Partners
  • Change Services on Demand
  • Upgrade Software
  • Monitor Customer Usage
  • Serve Information to Customer
  • Manage External Assets
  • Anticipate Customer Behaviour


  • Reporting of Customer Usage
  • Group or Individual Configuration
  • Default / Preconnect Configuration
  • Self Serve Customer Configuration
  • Suitable for Retail Products
  • Runs on Standard Hardware
  • Minimised Network Costs
  • Fully Scalable
  • Integration into CRM Systems
  • Online Web Reporting