Advanced features

As part of a Compuspec solution, the V6 dialler is an incredibly powerful, feature rich tool for many complicated applications.

Patented technology

The V6 uses patented ZIPPY technology to never break the line during the placement of a call, a failure of so many other diallers.>/p>

Dialler of choice

The V6 is the 'swiss army knife' of diallers. With large amounts of programmable memory, it has performed in vast numbers of applications and has always stood out as the dialler of choice for those with more advanced requirements.

Popular look

While the V6 feature set can be offered in any of Compuspec's many case options, it can traditionally be found in Compuspec's renowned rectangular sloping case.


  • Line Powered
  • Company Branding on Case
  • Capable of Being Posted
  • Electronic Serial Number
  • Auto Answer Capability
  • Wall or Desk Mountable
  • Remotely Programmable
  • Easy Installation
  • Tone and Pulse Recognition
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Serial Port
  • Extra Large Memory Capacity
  • Accepts AC Power
  • Low Current Consumption


  • Prefix Insertion
  • Exchange Services
  • Selective Call Blocking
  • Message Alerting
  • PBX Features
  • True Least Cost Routing
  • Digital Messging
  • Information Conduits
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Web Interaction
  • WAP Interaction
  • Call Detail Recording