Take care of your customers and your customers will take care of you. That is why customer care help desks, maintained by Compuspec, are available around the world.

Compuspec partners with established customer care companies who show long track records of high customer service performance. By partnering, Compuspec offers a comprehensive solutions suite that enables you to provide optimum customer support, based on your requirements and customer base.

There are a number of service offerings available from Compuspec Help Desks including knowledge management, automated self help, customer relationship management, e-mail response management, payment processing and inbound / outbound voice.

At the end of the day, it is about taking the best care of your customer, to keep them your customer.

While the installation of any Compuspec product is incredibly simple and straightforward, occasionally those installing the product, either a professional installer or residential end user, want to get more information.

Compuspec provides and administers installation support desks in many areas of the world. With telephone and email support that is accessible to anyone needing high level technical assistance or just a helping hand, those installing the product can feel confident that they will have the support they need.

Often, many of our clients have core businesses that do not include the shipping of physical equipment directly to customers. To take on such a function when it is not within your core competencies can be both dangerous and costly.

Compuspec has full logistics facilities in many countries around the world. We track individual units from the factory floor straight through to the installation point by the end customer and can pinpoint the location anywhere in the supply chain. Stocking and shipping is done using a system of replenishing stock as it is used. This eliminates the need for large bulk orders and ensures that appropriate stock levels are maintained at all times.

Any units received back into stock are put through a comprehensive check locally, and either re-released back into the market or shipped back to Compuspec for further testing or refurbishment.

By integrating the Logistics function with the DMP software suite, reports are generated indicating uptake rates, units that have been delivered but not yet installed, and units installed in each customer location.

For almost a decade, collecting as much data as possible has been the aspiration of many management gurus. Times have now changed with the realisation that data itself is not useful, but the presentation of that data in an easily understood and timely manner can be invaluable. Accordingly, the value of the data held within the DMP is maximised when appropriate reporting and analysis of that reporting is performed.

The data collected and stored within the DMP software suite can produce a vast number of reports on customer usage, missed revenue, potential churning customers, and forward revenue projections. The key to these reports however is knowing which ones are relevant and how to appropriately act upon the data presented. In order to get the most value, Compuspec will help you design customer care and marketing strategies based on these reports, so you not only get the information, but you know how to act on it appropriately.

While Compuspec has designed a standard set of reports that are appropriate to many applications, customisation of reporting to specific requirements is a key feature of the reporting component of any Compuspec solution. Based on your key performance indicators, automated reports can be generated that easily show on track performance or highlight any areas that may need attention.

Data integration is about closing the loop on your customer data. Integrating the data from Compuspec's DMP software suite allows the results of data analysis to be fed back into the operational systems that are used to manage customer contact - such as call center and campaign management systems.

The benefit from such integration is that the intelligence generated by the data held within the DMP is immediately actionable. By integrating the Logistics and CRM functions with the DMP software suite, reports can be automated to alert call center staff of customers requiring proactive follow up in order to connect their units.

Compuspec integrates with CRM systems, Logistics & Distribution systems, Campaign Management systems and ERP systems at all levels. While often more integration is better than less, you do not have to integrate everything right at the start. As the complexity of the requirement increases, the level of integration can increase as well.